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Fat for Birds

Winter is descending from the north this weekend, so I have been making some home-made fat-balls for our garden birds. I use fat from the grill – a mix of meat fat collected over a few weeks in an old hummous pot.  It is best not to use any burnt fat as this is not … Continue reading

Northumberlandia – the North East’s newest landscape art form.

We have watched her grow, evolve and develop over the last couple of years, first lumps of soil then a form starting to take shape.  A gradual greening, paths appearing, stone walls erected.  But as you passed her on the roads to the east of Cramlington, her true form was still not visible. Local viewpoints … Continue reading

Slippery When Wet

We have a bit of wooden decking in the back garden.  It is great, but it needs a bit of TLC on a more regular basis than I have given it the last year. With the somewhat damp (!) weather we have had recently, the wood has been covered with a fine layer of algae & … Continue reading